Redakai is a trading card game using the characters and setting of an animated series of the same name that debuted on the Cartoon Network in the U.S. in 2011. Redakai cards have Blast 3D technology, making them appear 3D, as well as making attacks appear to animate as the player moves the card.

In Redakai, a player is trying to eliminate the character(s) controlled by the opponent to win the game. In the basic game, each player starts with one character and on a turn you draw a card from your deck, then play it immediately. The card types are monster – which are played on your own character to boost defenses and heal damage – and attack – which are played on the opponent’s character. A character can have defenses in three colors – green, red, blue – and if an attack is stronger than a character’s defense in that attack’s color, then the attack hits and damages the character.

The cards are transparent and they stack on top of each other during play. A character’s health is represented by three damage zones on the card, and if all these zones turn red (by playing one or more attacks on that character), then the character is eliminated. An attack can also cover up and remove a character’s defense, while monsters can boost defenses and cover red damage zones with yellow ones, thus healing the character.

In the advance game, each player controls three characters and starts with a hand of three cards and a maximum Kairu value of three. Each turn, a player boosts his maximum Kairu by one (to a maximum of 20), draws one card, then (optionally) plays monster and attack cards, spending Kairu to do so equal to the cost on each card. Some cards have “react” abilities that allow you to spend Kairu to defend against attacks. At the start of each turn, your Kairu refreshes to its maximum value.

If you eliminate all three of your opponent’s characters, you win the game. If you cannot draw a card on your turn because your deck is exhausted, you lose.